These are pictures of me in a pretty lacey triangle bra. I rarely wear bras, as you can see the size of my breast allows me to ditch the bra pretty easily. Although I still enjoy buying a bra every once in a while when I feel like it. But that's not the point of this post, I want to talk about how this kind of picture is seen by the society.. At first glance you just see a (black) woman posing in front of a camera with a cute little bra. At first glance nothing fancy. Well, why scrolling through my Instagram feed lately, I stumbled across pictures of beautiful woman posing with cute bras on and when I decided to have a look at the comments, my heart literally sank! The numerous "respect yourself!" or "you shouldn't post pictures like that" and even "women post pictures like that and don't get why rape still happens" (and yes you're not dreaming, I honestly read comments saying this or things along those lines) were flowing in the comment section and it was scary, very scary..!

First off, I don't see disrepect in posing pictures like that, on the contrary, you're happy about your new buy and like it on your body because maybe it suits you? That is showing respect to yourself! You're in no means being rude with yourself, you're actually showing the love you have for this new buy complimenting your body. Plus what does this even mean? "Respect yourself"? oh thanks but I already do have some respect for myself! You see, I don't try to harm myself, I'm just showing some love to my freaking amazing self! You get that? No? I'm sorry then, bye! 

Secondly how people dare tell you what you're supposed to post on your own damn social media account? If you don't like it, ignore it or unfollow if it's that much of a bother! But don't come and tell me what I have to post to PLEASE YOU, if that's not something you wouldn't post on your account, that's fine, we're different people, we have different approach on things, I don't feel bothered to show myself off wearing a bra, so I might as well show myself wearing a freaking bra, because I feel like it! I respect your choice to not post pictures of you in a bra, respect mine of doing so. I'm fine with my body, this is just a bra, something everybody has already seen in her/his life, and as I far as I'm concerned, I'm not harming anyone! 

Then last but not least, A WOMAN'S ATTIRE, WHATEVER IT IS, IS NOT A CALL OR AN INVITATION! If rapes still happen it's because there are still some dudes out there who can't contain themselves and still think that because a woman is dressed a certain way, she then obviously is asking for it, NO! Women do dress for themselves first and not the first man around the corner! A woman who is dressed "short" or "lightly covered up"  never asked for it, if that woman gets raped she's not the one to blame nor is the way she was dressed! NOBODY EVER ASKED TO BE RAPED! So can we please stop spreading those kind of comments "women post pictures like that and don't get why rape still happens", because women post whatever the eff they want to and yes, we as women still don't get how some retarded scumbags still believe that a woman body is theirs and that they can do whatever they want to it because they're dressed a certain way or whatever the reason(s). It's 2016, can we now please stop sexualising and slut-shaming a woman because she happens to have fat in her boobs, no facial hairs and genitals that look different from a man? Can we please give her the freedom to be happy about her body at least when she's "feeling herself"? Women get enough oppression from the media, we don't need other women or men to come and tell us what we have to do with our own selves. If we really needed anybody's opinion, we would have asked for it. Until then, let's empower one another and dismantle the sexualisation of a woman's body, please? Because somebody's gonna have to tell why is it acceptable to post a picture of us in a bikini top, but then it becomes too much when it's a bra? After all, what's the difference apart from the fact that with one you get to swim with it? 

what i'm wearing: bra - eBay

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