my bedroom is such a special place to me that bedrooms in general are what i love the most. a bedroom can tell so much about an individual from what they read, listen to, dress, how they decor, what they like. a bedroom is someone's safe space, someone's bubble, a place not only to relax but also dream away and chase their favourite hobbies. bedrooms are so important in people's lives because they literally tell stories. some are plain, others full of posters on walls, some are colourful, others neutral, some are small, others big. if you enter my bedroom, you enter part of my world, it's spacious because i need big spaces to feel comfortable; my walls are plain as of now because i am so indecisive that i need time to agree and make sure that what i hang on them is what i want to see for a certain period of time; my bed is set on wooden pallets because i can't sleep high up and it might be my free spirited self that just loves it; part of my wardrobe is displayed on racks and just by the look of it you get a glimpse on what i like wearing. in outline bedrooms are my favourite things, i like entering them and learn a bit more about someone. bedrooms can tell some many different stories that i had to share with you some of my favourite ones that i pinned, reblogged, saved up on my computer. and today, tonight when you'll go back to your bedroom, be like Nanette L. Avery who said: 
"Before you go to bed think about what you left behind in the wake of the day…"

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