if you haven't lived in a cave the past two days, you probably are aware of the happening in charlottesville, virginia in the united states of america. this post being about self care for my fellow POC i won't recap the happenings, do it so if you feel like to or have a the courage but i won't do it here. this post is to remind my fellow poc that self care is important, self care is what keeps us going in a world that never was thought for us, self care is healthy and we need to take care of ourselves in the midst of those terrorist and triggering events. you do not have to read the news today, switch off your devices if you need to, but do something that you like, that keeps you busy and smiling. know that you are allowed to skip those facebook posts, do not read the comment section. take a book, plug your phone and blast some music, watch some cartoons, a film, a documentary. take a piece of paper, write, draw, doodle. crafts something from scratch, bake a dish. play dress up, sort out your clothes, plan your next trip. sip some tea, eat biscuits, look away to the horizon. take a bubble bath, put on your favourite pyjamas, take care of you, sleep. you've got this. below a beautiful song of Adetola called "we need love" because sweet songs like this are full of gold.

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