what i'm wearing: hat - h&m // jumpsuit - thrifted // belt - thrifted

i  haven't kept on my promise on writing on my blog at least once a week... to be truly honest with you, ever since i came back from Paris, (which was an epic trip btw!), my mind is all over the place! with uni exams starting up in just a few little weeks, planning the interrail i'm having in july, work and just living in between, life is pretty hectic at the moment. so i am not promising anything as of now and will just go with the flow and how i feel like with blogging. today i felt like blogging so here you are, more so here i am in my recent magnificent self giving you some Orange Is The New Black vibe. i just saw this piece and couldn't leave the parisian thrift shop without these babes in hand. not only the orangey-red colour suits my skin tone, but we've been having a pretty shitty springtime so far and every time i wear this jumpsuit people can't stop telling me how happy my outfit makes them feel and for some reason i feel hella powerful in it as if by wearing this bright colour i could implore the sun, the heat and spring overall to come back among us for good now. 
anyway, i am rambling and going nowhere so i'll stop there and write to you some time soon! 

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