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temperatures are rising (we are just a month shy away from summer!) and when i have to be quite content about this fact, i am actually stressing my life out because uni, revisions & exams!!! haven't properly started revising and have my first exams next week (eeeeek, i know what the hell i am doing?!) well, just trying to hunt the stress away... knowing how i proceed it might go just fine, but you know, sstress though. anyhow, before i cloister myself in until june 20th, i thought why not post about this dope bodysuit that i am truly infatuated with? everything from the fit to the cut is what i strive for, also stripes seem to be my new thing at the moment, so that is a plus. other than that, bodys are so convenient all you need to ask yourself about is: "what bottom am i pairing it with?" which are for me other mum jeans, high waisted, shorts and sometimes skirts. for the sake of art and myself i haven't paired it with any bottom in the above pictures but know that this day i was wearing some silky plain black trousers. oh and can we talk about to low back cut? no? no biggie, just what drew me in first then convinced me to buy it. i am a sucker for everything backless, low cut, loose, tight.-fitting and just my style and warmer days offer me all of these, so hooray to summer and wish me luck for my exams.. until then, i appreciate all of you who read, i do!

p.s: btw i may look pregnant on pictures, i am not. i took these photos right after eating so belly was just full of good food!

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