I've been following I-D magazine YouTube for a couple of weeks now and have been hooked ever since. If you're into everything youth-related, i urge you to subscribe to their channel, because it is very worth it. Now onto the main subject, sexual equality and #FreeTheNipple; if you're not aware of it yet, you will now be: i'm a strong activist in feminism. my activism is always growing stronger and stronger every time i stumble upon an unfair situation. I want equality and even if my voice is small, it still counts and that is all that matters! I-D magazine just posted a video where Adwoa Aboah, a model, activist and founder of  GURL TALK explores what is the meaning and goal behind #FreeTheNipple, a movement created in 2010 on social media and that went viral all over the world. I won't spoil you and let you watch the video at the end of this article to find out more about it, but i just wanted to stop by and talk about my own experience as while watching the video it rang many bells in me. I am flat-chested and I will probably be forever, I never had loads of fat in my breast area and this made me feel uncomfortable up to my 18th year of living. Ever since puberty has hitting, my gender has slapped me in the face and so have the sexualisation of my feminine body & sexism. I've written a post on how sexualised a woman's body is and why we should stop doing so. 

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I've received mockeries of all kind from boys and girls because my body wasn't fitting what society considered as beautiful and "harmonious". Needless to say that those mockeries got the best of me and all i could see was how imperfect my body was. Why wasn't my boobs bigger the way boys like them? Just writing this makes me realise how stupid and naive i sounded back then. Because yes, lots of boys loved huge boobs, because they sexualised girls' bodies. They were getting excited and turned on every time they saw a pair of big breast. Should i be angry at them? I seriously don't know because if you try to think deeply about the question you realise that society has a lot to do with how we, women and men view our bodies. I then grew up and matured and got aware more and more of my condition as a female. Not really okay with it, i then did my research and came across feminism and everything about it and got more into that. It was quite awesome for me to find out that i wasn't the only one to disagree with the image media was reflecting of women, may it be behaviour-related or body-related, other people also wanted a change and more specifically E-Q-U-A-L-I-T-Y! A woman should enjoy her body as much as a man's without being told what she can or cannot wear. With all the burqini situation going on in France (which is a shame and the most sexist and humiliating thing that can happen to women to say the least!!!), it's sad to see that we still have a long, long, long way to go. Society still believes that it can have power over a woman's choice and belief and that it the saddest and sexiest thing that is happening still in 2016.

Our bodies have been and are still over-sexualised and we need to show them that nudity and sex are two separate concepts. I'm leaving you with this mini documentary by I-D magazine featuring Adwoa Aboah, it's eleven minutes of your time that will educate you in a subject that is very important, because like it is said in the video, #FreeTheNipple is a metaphor to express what is wrong with the way society still views the body of a woman. It is very important, reason why i share it here on my platform to reach more people out there!

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