A letter to this body i long struggled to accept, i am 23 and finally settling healthy relationships with it. to you, dear body, thank you for nurturing my existence and keeping me alive, i owe you big time, so here is to you: 

 sometimes you encounter some setbacks and it's okay, know that they are just temporary,
keep working on this relationship, it's been almost ten long years now. you thought things
will ease down but it turned out more difficult than planned, that's okay too because today
you know why you embarked on this journey. it's not just for you, it's for everybody else
surrounding you. the healthier the relationship with yourself, the better are the ones with others.

it's a struggle, i know but believe me it's worth it. you cannot be at war with something you have
to live with forever. your body is and will forever be your only certain company, 
have a good relationship to improve this cohabitation you've been having since the very beginning. 

you are getting there, i know, i can see it, you are starting to make peace with this body. 
you've been through a rough patch but look at how you overcame it! you can do it, you will do it
it will come and settle slowly, look, it's already getting somewhere, just get comfortable with it. 

it is time for you to reconcile with your body. 

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