That's funny how other people react when a woman does something they wouldn't do. That's funny how a woman who behaves a certain way or wears certain clothing can get troubled by complete unknown people. That's funny how her behaviour or attire can get her a "respect yourself" along with other names i won't quote down here.. but you get the idea. "Respect yourself" or the image society wants to give women across the globe. Why is all the deal with saying to a woman she should or have to "respect herself". What is respect to you? Self respect? Why do you need to say that to fellow woman, or if you're a man why do you have to say it to a woman? Often times to a woman you never met and will probably never meet? What does it mean really? What do you mean when you say that to a woman? On what do you base respect from? What is the definition you have in mind when you say or write that under a woman's picture? How do you know that she is not respecting herself? How do you know it? What makes you believe she is disrespecting her being? Why a woman who has sex with multiple partners in her life is a whore, a woman who has no respect for herself?

When a man has sex with multiple partners, he is praised for it and society does not shame him for enjoying his sex life. I take an example involving sex because that is the most striking. Because i still remember talks i had in college with fellow girls and the numerous "what a whore" or "she really has no respect for her damn soul" every time we were gossiping on what that or this girl did at that party or how disgusting she is sleeping around with different boys. Yes there was a time where i was taking part in deeming what was and wasn't appropriate to do for a woman. This is how society has formatted us: a woman sexuality has to be taboo and if she dares enjoy it we have to shame her because a woman shouldn't behave like that. No, a man has the right to, but not a woman, *sigh*. It also turns out that a woman who shows off a bit of skin is a woman who does not respect herself. Well, let me tell you: I have much respect for myself, i love my body and wearing whatever i want is a sign of respect. Same goes for sexuality, having sex with multiple partners is not disrespect, for the sake of every woman on this Earth, leave us alone, us and our sexuality! 

what i'm wearing: top: Zara // shorts:  vintage Levi's // arm cuff: F21

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